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Thread: S&B 3-12x50 PM (844-1) later called Precision Hunter ( 30mm tube)

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    S&B 3-12x50 PM (844-1) later called Precision Hunter ( 30mm tube)

    Hi folks,

    Am selling a S&B scope I have had since 1999, it was called a PM P3 Mil-dot reticle, at the time, but later re-named Precision Hunter, it has ballistic turrets for .308 147gr or a brand new MOA turret,supplied, windage is in MOA also.
    It is the simplest, fastest and clearest scope for its objective size I have ever looked through. You just zero it at 100m then turn the turret to 2, 3,4 etc for hundreds of metres, or use lower scale for you own loads, I wish other S&B's were as quick and easy to use.
    It comes in the original box with an alternative MOA elevation ring, clear S&B scope caps, and a ballistic data chart in the original box, all serial numbers matching.
    It is not as heavy or cumbersome as some scopes so can be carried easily on a stalking rifle.

    Condition is excellent with no marks or scratches on lenses,but on the underside there are slight ring marks, which have not gone through the matte finish, when mounted on rifle, can't be seen, if you move your ring position it would cover the ring marks even.

    Note Warne rings not included, but could be sold separately.
    .Attachment 53353Attachment 53354Attachment 53355Attachment 53356Attachment 53357

    Price 899 delivered to mainland UK.
    Note; I have other tactical scopes, but if you are shooting varying distances this is possibly the quickest, simplest and clearest scope you can get.There was no expense spared when this scope was developed.

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    820 delivered

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    799 delivered

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    Am I asking too much for this scope? there is nothing similar for sale, offers, sensible only though please!!

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    How does 699 sound? That must be a fair price?

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    I am informed they go for about 600 so apologize if I have been asking too much.
    Therefore 599 is my price.

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    Interested, Where in Northumberland are you?
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    am near Morpeth, but scope sold pending funds, will let you know if not by tomorrow.

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