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Thread: DSC2 Portfolio

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    DSC2 Portfolio

    Hi Everyone.

    Sent off my DSC2 portfolio today could you guys give me an idea of how long before I get a phone call if any or completion if im lucky enough to get it finalized.

    Looking forward to completion.

    Thank you all in advance.


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    Brian, it seems to vary enormously. . . The last lad I witnessed waited four months from completing his portfolio until actually receiving his certificate.

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    Did he get questioned on his portfolio or did he just receive his certificate.

    Thank you Cadex

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    Yes, both he and I received a phone call from the assessor, it's quite normal practice for that to happen.
    His portfolio was excellent with no missing evidence, but it still took an age to receive his certificate.

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    Hi sent mine in about six weeks ago havn,t had any phone calls yet only a letter about two weeks ago to say they had received the portfolio and were sending it out to the assessor my mates took about 3 months and yes he did get a phone call

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    Last one I witnessed....stalk in December, posted in January, acknowledged in February. No phone call as yet.....3 months seems to be about the average

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    It took about 4 months from the time I sent my portfolio in for assessment until I received the certificate. I got a call from the assessor (about 8 weeks after I sent it in) which lasted about 1/2 hour where he questioned me about various aspects of the portfolio. My stalk assessor was also contacted.

    No problems with the portfolio just seemed to take ages to get the certificate.
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