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Thread: Eye problem?

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    Eye problem?

    My nine year old CBR has a tiny grey spot on his eye to the left of his pupil near the tear duct and it seems to be on the surface. Can this be removed or is it maybe the onset of something worse?
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    Red Dot,
    It could be the result of some trauma/ scrape to the eye surface ie a scar which may not be a problem but it could be something else. As the optic nerve is a direct pathway to the brain though I think it would be wise to get an educated opinion from a good vet. Hope it turns out well. All the best.

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    it may be a small scar but it could also be a small ulcer or foreign body. I would advise you take the dog to the vet and get the eye stained. ulcers are not to be trifled with, they can very quickly progress to serious, intractable problems and lead to the loss of the eye. The sooner they are treated (correctly) the more reliable the outcome. Fingers crossed its just a small scar, but best get it checked.

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    A picture would be nice, otherwise pop in to your local vet so have it looked at. it sounds fairly minor by what you are describing but a stainer in the eye and a closer look with a special tool will give you a definitive answer regarding if you need to be concerned.

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    The only way to be sure is to examine it, even a picture is no real help. Sorry, but I have a very low threshold with advice on eyes!

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    Update.. took him to my vet who put indicator fluid in the eye and took 8 pictures. Was told to observe for a fortnight and the grey inclusion is now almost gone. I think it was a scratch that has self healed.

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    Good. Thanks for the update

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    All is now in top order.
    Thankyou all!!

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