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Thread: Howa .308

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    Howa .308

    For sale is my Howa 1500 in .308 win
    Walnut stock (so no problems with flex)
    Sporter weight barrel

    This rifle is great and has been my 'go to' rifle since I bought it. It is capable of very small groups with factory federal 150gn soft point ammo (see attached target)

    The rifle has been professionally hydro dipped in realtree.

    The rifle is screwcut 14 x 1, thread protector is included.

    I currently use it as a drop plate magazine rifle, but will include the magazine conversion kit. This kit takes about 5 mins to install and converts the rifle to being a detachable magazine rifle.

    Also included is the weaver rail and a set of 30mm weaver rings.

    Price for Rifle, Rail, Mounts and Mag conversion 400 (plus RFD fees)

    The scope is not included at the moment but might be for sale at a future date....
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    If the rifle is collected I'll throw in a box of the federal ammo to get you started!

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    hi, what is the shot count roughly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil House View Post
    hi, what is the shot count roughly?
    Difficult to say. I bought is second hand and since then probably put 100 rounds through it. It shoots very well though and .308's don't tend to be barrel burners!

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    Need to clear the slot on my ticket soon so might be willing to think about sensible offers..........

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    Tuesday evening bump.
    got to be someone after a fantastic value rifle........
    Make me an offer!

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    Maybe I priced this too high?
    ill drop the price to 300 as i need this off my ticket. This will be the only price drop so don't be shy, lol.

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