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Thread: Last knocks

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    Last knocks

    My aftershave as my pal calls it seems to be having a good effect just lately and after a leanish spell I seem to be doing something right with some great outings with solway stalker and three fallow week last fri on the estate cull day then a roe doe at englefield Berks so on a rainy thursday I went down the A5 to Milton Keynes home of the concrete cows and Chinese water deer !
    Its a Crackin piece of ground with good contours and I've been lucky to get a few outings by invitation of the farmer to take a few of the wee water deer .
    after a chat about the shoot he has there and a cuppa it divulged he had shot a couple himself the previous week and what was I after ,I said I didn't want to take a doe as my pal had shot two the previous outing and was happy to stick to a buck .
    i got kitted up and made my way along the boundry with an almost perfect wind for what I had in mind .the farmer had seen a lone animal all morning in the rain in front of the farm house and it wasnt there that I could see and I really didn't want to bag a animal within 200 yards of the farm .
    i got into the valley bottom and worked my way along a small river to spy at every gate and gap in the hedges .before long I had a cwd spotted drying off but I couldn't see a set of tusks or a pizzel.I got closer with the hedge helping me and it turned out tobe a buck but a young beast that I decided wouldn't be on today's cull list .
    moving on past a small pond stacked with wigeon and teal I spotted a doe this time as she spotted me and she took off promptly over the Lucerne / stubble field .it was still early and I was confident the aftershave would kick in soon and I made my way to a shelter belt of trees we've seen deer come out of before but the wind was difficult for me to get into a position with backstop so after a half hour I gave it best and headed back down wind for another assault into the wind but further up the valley .
    i came through another yard of buildings and headed to another shelter belt where my pal had seen a big buck back in nov .i set the sticks up looking along the belt and felt pretty confident but as the time ticked on I lost patience and decided to head back scouting toward the truck .
    the first field didn't yield anything but I caught a glimpse of white in the next field through a rather thick hedge .
    light was fading and although the farm has nice little bridges and styles this wasnt going tobe easy .i got to the hedge with feet the size of dustbin lids and was amazed the white was two cwds .i found a child size hole in the hedge and tried to squeeze my bulk through it as quietly as possible but a bramble raked my jacket and managed to ping open the leg of my bipod with more than an amount of noise I'd be happy with if I was a cwd !! But I was through and they were still there but aware of my presence .the light was almost gone but with decent glass I could see a buck and a doe .the buck was heading for me as I composed myself and the doe followed and they seem interested in what had made the commotion in the hedge ! I coughed and barked to try and get a broadside but to no avail so with a good backstop decided on a neck shot before the boy got too close and at 60 yards the 6.5 dropped him with a big puff of hair .to my amazement the doe stayed put but she wasnt on the plan so she watched me field gralloch and off I went to the truck and the farmer .i was pretty pleased and we looked at the buck and decided he was a good size animal so loaded up I thanked my host and headed home to Northampton feeling glad I'd not given up before the fat lady had sung its never over till your out the gate !

    Thanks for reading
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    Nice write up of a fruitful day, as my shooting partner keeps telling me. Its all about patience!

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    Well done a good result for you, any pictures of the buck that you can share? regards SBM edit of post. pictures now show up - excellent
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    Well done norma 308, I'm pleased your luck has changed, what's the name of the aftershave then!

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    Wet Gundog I believe.Wf1

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    No mate that's last yrs its called "come to me " by " Allsixspecies"

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    Got the buck measured yesterday he went 228 points cic so thrilled with a gold I've just told the land owner and invited him for a days partridge shooting in oct so we're both happy chappys

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    nice write up norma and a cracking trophy.

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    good read. thanks. It looked like a good buck when I saw the pictures, you must be chuffed with a gold. Not all farmers can be grumpy old gits after all!!!

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