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Thread: Emergency -Co Packing satchets

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    Emergency -Co Packing satchets

    Need some help fast.

    My supplier has let me down. Need to find a co packer for 3g seasoning sticks.

    I need them packed by the middle of April.

    Does anyone working in this specialist area of packing industry?

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    There is a bloke by me called Clive lewin. His company is called sachets direct. He should be able to help you. Google search him. If you pm me I will give you my details. If you tell him that you know me he will help you out if he possibly can.

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    Afriend has a specialist tea packing business where the tea is packed by hand into small packets. is yours usually hand packed or by machine? Let me know and I can make enquiries if appropriate. regards SBM

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    I am new to this need several 100k so probably machine.

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    Ok, as its machine you need, I dont think my friend could help. Good luck with your project. Regards SBM

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