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Thread: Best Practice: England+Wales vs. Scotland ? Why the duplication ?

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    Best Practice: England+Wales vs. Scotland ? Why the duplication ?

    I was about to subscribe to hard-copy versions of the DCS "Best Practice" leaflets at

    But have now discovered that in December The Deer Initiative launched its own set of guidance for England+Wales.

    I am now confused. I understand from that:

    "The Deer Initiative Best Practice Guidance series,
    aimed at all those involved in managing deer in
    England and Wales, was formally launched in London
    on 2nd December 2009 at an event hosted by
    the Country Landowners Association. The Deer
    Initiative has worked in partnership with over 30
    partners to develop the guidance and those of you
    who had the opportunity to look at the series which
    is available on-line at
    may have noticed the similarities with the Wild
    Deer Best Practice guidance produced for Scottish
    deer managers. Whilst generic deer management
    information can be equally applied north or south of
    the border, it was necessary to produce a separate
    set of guidance for deer managers in England and
    Wales to reflect differences in legislation as well as
    more subtle differences in managing deer in different
    habitats. The Deer Initiative has been involved
    with the development of Wild Deer Best Practice
    (Scotland) throughout the process and continues to
    provide valuable linkages and consistency between
    the two projects."

    This is all very well, but I would rather there was just one set of guidance notes, including an explanation of any differences between Scotland and England/Wales where necessary.

    I much prefer the DCS offer of a set of laminated hard-copy with ongoing updates for a very reasonable fee, compared with "The Deer Initiative" website-only version which also relies on me regularly checking back for changes/updates.

    What (if anything) will I be missing if I subscribe to the DCS version ? And how do I find out any differences between the two without having to compare both versions in depth ?

    In confusion,


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    The DI have announced that they have a hard copy version in the works at the moment and due to be announced sometime soon. Whether it works out as reasonable as the DCS/BPG 'subscription' with the updates thrown in as and when over the first year, remains to be seen.

    AFAIK the guides are essentially the same apart from the differences in deer open seasons and the firearms legislation regarding bullet weight and roe being taken with .22 centrefires.

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    If those are the only significant differences then I will subscribe to the original DCS version. I've had the .pdf versions for some time but much prefer hard copies.

    It was the reference to "more subtle differences in managing deer in different
    that puzzled me.

    I was surprised that, whilst the DCS publicised the new "The Deer Initiative" guides in their newsletter, "The Deer Initiative" make no mention of any connection with the DCS work.

    The only reference to them seems to be at i.e.

    "The guides are compatible with the Deer Commission for Scotland Best Practice guides"

    It does seem rather a duplication of effort, but I daresay empires need to be built/maintained


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    Funnily enough I have a copy of the DCS guides too and was browsing through the DI ones the other night thinking that I hadn't seen them before!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpie View Post
    It does seem rather a duplication of effort, but I daresay empires need to be built/maintained
    This occurred to me too. The cynical side of me couldn't help thinking that if the DI mirrored the DCS enough they might one day become the DCE&W!

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    As I'm led to believe that Peter Watson of the Deer initiative had a hand in production the original DCS best practice guides , there are very little differences to each of the guides .

    Anyone who's looking for a practical guide to deer stalking should purchase a copy ,theres no a book on stalking been published that comes close to the practical content of these publications, at 7.50 or 15.00 plus postage from the DCS you'll never lack in information again.

    Further to the DCS the DCS is a government body the DI is not
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