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Thread: needed a good taxidermy Oxfordshire

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    Question needed a good taxidermy Oxfordshire

    As above I need your recommendations guys for a good taxidermist in or around Oxfordshire, because I'm culling some muntjac with some friends and if there successful I would like to get them mounted for them and would like some prices for a neck mount and a full muntjac mount also some fox mount's

    thanks in advance pete

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    Kate latimer.
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    Try David Hollingwourth ( Pennine Taxidermy )
    He's in Manchester but what I do is post to him then pick up on completion.

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    John Burton near Chipping Campden.Wf1

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    Steve Newcombe in Loughborough, he was World Champion in 2012. He's steve109 on here
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    i use the above. Just skull mounted but I have been in and out of his place a few times now and his work is good. Seen the various commissions he has done.

    cant comment on anyone else though as I haven't used anyone else.
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