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    Have a look at the S&B zenith good scope.
    Try sportsman or York guns other than that buy a copy of gunmart lots of dealers to choose from.

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    try roedale for Zeiss and S&B. Very good prices.


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    hi pete
    i find that york guns will price match sportsmans and are more likely to hav it in stock , litts were doing a good deal on scopes, a few weeks back may be worth the phone call, the list could go on but as Dickie said the gun mart will help more
    ps meopta are well worth considering ,can't fault my vari power one

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    A word of caution, Pete.

    Unless the position has changed, some of the places selling Zeiss and Swaros might be selling gray imports.

    If you buy a gray import there will be a problem if you ever need it repaired under guarantee.

    A few years ago, when I was looking to buy a Swaro for my .308, the dealer told me he could sell me either a UK import with a full Swaro guarantee or source a grey import from Holland, I think, which would be a lot cheaper.

    The difference was that if a problem arose with a gray import, the dealer could not send it back to Swarowski here in the Uk - I 'd have to send it back to the factory myself.

    Because of the difference in price and the reputation for reliability I took a chance with the gray import and have had no problems.

    An ex mate bought a grey imoprt which did develop a problem. He took it to an authorised dealer for Swarowski to repair but the UK office returned it saying that according to the serial number it had not been sold in the UK - so it seems that they do check!


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    hoo hoo Pete exciting stuff. Will you be bringing it to Baldock at all?

    I am very interested to see how you get on with it. When will you be dialing it in etc? I am sure you will not have any probs dialing in.

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    Yes Pete, best not to rush these things I agree.

    Yes I am looking forward to it a great deal too and to meet everyone etc

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    I am inthe same boat mate it is so confusing, a very good friend of mine runs a small rifle club and is a stalker par excellence he sweas by german glass ...but ... and a big but .. related a tale from a couple of weeks ago
    One chap is a dealer brought several scopes to check out for another member who wanted a scope
    Tried several very expensives bits of glass before my friend asked what he wanted from it ..very similar to the Tikka v Sako on the other thread..
    The upshot was in the end he bought a 100 scope.. did everything the zeiss and S and B did with NO difference whatsoever now the guy is going round looking very smug and happy to keep the other 600 squids in his rocket.. my mate says he would still buy german but he says if pushed he just could not really justify it..

    The moral of the story is as always pays your money ... did I buy a cheap one.
    Well to be honest no, I got a ex display Zeiss Conquest, (yes I know they are yank made but they a bloody good) ...of ebay USA for
    165 with full warranty I can send it to Zeiss Europe no probs!!!!

    Incidently I spotted Kahles AH models at under 300 thinking of buying one might be worth a look?

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    I would wonder at the ability of a copmparatively cheap scope to withstand the repeated recoil over time from a centrefire.

    Depending on the quarry, the quality of the optics might come into play.

    I have tried a friend's rifle mounted with a scope at dusk costing less than a couple of hundred pounds and could barely make out deer standing in a stubble field but with my Swarowski no probs.

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