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Thread: Gralloching Course

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    Gralloching Course

    Gralloching Course March 2015

    Day's course covering different forms of gralloch ( green, suspended, etc.) carcass inspection, lymph node identification, larder preparation, knives and equipment.

    To be held on location at a Deer park/Farm in South Wales, easy access from M4

    60 per person

    Please send a P.M for details.


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    Thank you to all who have enquired, we should have a definite date this week and I will pm everyone with the full details once we have confirmed the date. We seem to have generated a lot of interest!!

    I must point out that this day is not the same as the NGO large and small game meat hygiene course and does not qualify for a Hunters I.D.

    The day is intended to be a "get your hands dirty" demonstration day and is designed for those who may have limited experience of gralloching or wish to brush up on lymph node identification and gain experience in carcass inspection.


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    Unfortunately, we are having to cancel the Gralloching day. The beasts that had been kept back for the course have been dispatched earlier than intended, so as to enable building improvements to the larder and prep area.

    We are researching other suitable venues, but are expecting to have to wait until the latter part of 2015 before we will be able to offer another day. Once I have confirmed the details I will P.M everyone.

    Our next DSC 1 course is fully booked, but due to demand, we will be running another course earlier than expected. If anyone is interested, please drop me a line and I will keep you updated.

    Apologies for the bad news


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