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Thread: Digital wind gauge

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    Digital wind gauge

    Or anemometer.........
    Anyone use these? Do I really need one?
    Most shots <300 yards on legal quarry
    At steel gong just for the sake of it <500 yards
    Ready to get one but some say why bother, you are only measuring the wind strength at the firing position......not at Impact area.

    PS I use istrelok on ipad/iPhone and have hard copy range cards for distance....
    Your advice is welcome
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    I use one at times(used to use kids soap bubbles),together with Strelok & laser rangefinder:does give some advantage.Gusts in wind speed plus terrain mean it is just an additional tool,albeit sometimes a useful tool,and no substitute for experience and common sense.Personally I enjoy playing with such things and learning what I can from them.

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    They give you a good baseline to correct from, and if you know it is x mph at your f/p, and the grasses etc are moving about the same all the way, it's about right, it's another tool in the box, personally, I wouldn't be without my kestrel 4500ab over 800yds
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