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Thread: Jewell trigger remmy 700

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    Jewell trigger remmy 700

    Jewell trigger complete and in working order
    Fits remington 700, I've had it on my .204
    150 posted UK only
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    Thats a bargin��

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    I will take this if Mr Thunderstick's PM is just an enquiry?
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    Sent a pm to take a few minutes after it went up. No response as yet.

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    Sorry for the delay replying fellas I've been busy last couple of hours!
    i have pm'd the first person to reply via pm, who wants it (fly fisherman) if the deal doesn't go through jimbo it's on you next mate then thunderstick, then eyefor.
    Thanks for the offer fellas

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    Just waiting for a reply to confirm something fella, if it's all good I'll be having it.

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