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Thread: wellington boots

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    wellington boots

    hi guys can any one give me there views on ether of these boots as i riped the calf on one of my boot today on the shoot and need some new boots before Scotland next weekend.

    hunter balmoral neoprene

    hunter Original Neoprene

    or muck boots

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    I had a stupidly expensive pair of Aigles that lasted two years, then bought Tay Muck Boots on a friend's recommendation and I can't believe that I havn't bought them before!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are without doubt some of the comfiest things I have ever put on my feet.

    I won't buy Hunters anymore, they do not last on me, I do not know why? They used to, but not now.

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    I bought a pair of Jack Pike neoprenes for less than half the price of your cheaper option - might work out a bit more at retail if you can't access the local farmer's store. Fit well, do the job and nice and warm.

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    we have tay sport muck boots in stock 86 del
    or chiruca neoprene wellies 56 del

    steve hunter

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    hi russ get a pair of grub stalkers very good boot
    atb tom

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    Ide go LaCrosse Alphaburlys, with the gusset at the back, They are a really tough boot. My Dad walkes 14miles per day in his, and has had the same pair for 2 years, that a fair few miles! He prefers them to the Le Chameau, Aigle and Hunters he has used.

    Ive just ordered a zipped pair from Bushwear. Though if I were you I'd go for Lace up boots for hill stalking IMO much better on the hill.


    Just thought you might not be hill stalking!!
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    Le chameau for me cost a bit but last well ,dont like aigle found them very thin soled,could feel every stone through them
    had a pair of Royal Hunters and found my feet were always cold, never tried Muck Boots.

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    + 1 for Le Chameau, i have had mine for around 8 years now and still going strong.and they keep my feet nice and warm in the winter.worth the money any day

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    yes but le chameau are french and if they wont but our beef i am not buying their wellies

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