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Thread: who si your insurance with

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    who si your insurance with

    having been with basc for a few years i have decided to look at other options after a few recent phone calls. so my question is who is your insurance with and how do you rate them when you have needed them most?


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    I am with BASC and have been for some time now, they offer a lot more than just insurance. There are a number of posts on this forum where for what ever reason people have needed expert advice/guidance and the following posts say contact BASC.

    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    I'm with basc just because it was dirt cheap being under 21. haven't needed them yet so cant comment on that.

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    I'm with BASC but I think you should look at them all and decide. Which organisation best represents your interests and is most effective, not just the insurance. If it's just insurance you are after, then Country Covers Club will do. They don't offer anything else though. You even print out any documents you need yourself. Cheap and cheerful, but it's putting nothing back in the way of fighting for our sport and there's no phone numbers to call for advice or any other services.

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    SACS.. it's a no brainer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul at Fechan View Post
    SACS.. it's a no brainer
    +1 cheep and very helpful.

    Regards Kev
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    Depends on your needs, if you just need insurance and you don't make money from your stalking then SACS is very good for about 30 I enrol all my European guests with SACS (landowner requires all stalking on the land to be insured easier for the sake of 30 to enrol them all with SACS than to demand they show proof of insurance
    I can also get instant cover from SACS should I have a last minute guest if one of my regulars brings a friend for example.

    SACS is perfect for my foreign guests as they only require insurance, on the other hand if you want more from an organisation than insurance the BASC may suit you better.

    However if you make money from your stalking letting a few stalks even selling your venison,you may not be covered , check with provider what is allowed and what not.

    Mine is over 300 per annum a lot more than SACSs 30

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    Scottish Gamekeepers Association

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    Scottish Gamekeepers Association,

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