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Thread: Really Chuffed

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    Really Chuffed

    Had a call from a shooting mate at the weekend, he doesn't stalk but we've Wildfowler together occasionally for a few years, he said he's spoken to the farmer on one of the farms he shoots over about me coming stalking the farmer has said I can come whenever I like all that he would ask is for a couple of beasts a year butchered for him and his family, first time ive had my own ground so really chuffed, my mate who set it up for me gets beast number three, over the moon to say the least.

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    We done to you and your mate good luck with your new ground bazil

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    Purist Wildfowlers are nearly always good guys as we have come up through the ranks of shooting the hard way and have learned to appreciate and respect help ,then we try to help others.Wf1

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    Well done, good to hear a positive story. Ground is tricky to break into in this neck of the woods. I hope one of my mates comes up trumps like that, you must have felt like you won the lottery.

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    Any chance of six numbers for wednesdays lottery??

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    Well done, pleased for you. As one of the farmers, who's ground I used to stalk, once said. "Money always gets in the way of a good deal", so true.

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    I've been extremely lucky in the two years I've been stalking, met some amazing people who have been extremely generous each every one of them, but I've always relied on other stalkers for my sport, hopefully once I've settled in on the ground I will be able to return some of the kindness I've received. WF1 I agree, in general the wildfowling community is a very generous one. What's also nice is that this was previously unstalked ground so I've not taken stalking from anyone.

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    very well done to you all ,enjoy it protect it love it,

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    well done that man,still trying here .bribes ,jelly n ice cream chocolate hobnobs but still not done it.enjoy your new permission

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    Great news Jonno. Good luck on the new ground.
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