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Thread: Selling to France with family transport

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    Selling to France with family transport

    I have an FAC air rifle and moderator for sale and a French licence holder wishes to purchase it. They have family in Suffolk who they want to collect them and deliver to France. Could the UK family member get a temporary permit to make this work? Or maybe the French guy come and get it - how would that paperwork work?

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    I think a call to your FEO is a better bet than asking on here...

    No disrespect to the wealth of knowledge available here, but this is obscure at best, and he/she will be the one to sign off on what you're looking to achieve.
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    I thought about that I, but you never know someone may have experience of something similar. Also two reasons to gather wider opinion:
    1. FEOs have been known to invent their own well intentioned interpretation of he regs.
    2. Maybe Suffolk FEOs are the ones to consult because it's their residents that would hold the temp permit.

    Lets see what people come up with.



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    Are the suffolk residents already fac holders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaothead View Post
    It seems not.
    The advice above to ask the feo is probably the best, but my gut-instinct is that it would be improbable for a temporary fac to be issued (heyday still probably have to jump thru all the hoops normal fac holders do).

    might it be possible to get an RFD to export it to France for you?

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    Are you able to get the pressure turned down so that it can be removed from your FAC, and become a standard air rifle again? Just a thought

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    My understanding is once on FAC, always on FAC for air rifles.

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    Fair enough. I don't know anything about FAC air rifles.

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    you would need to use the services of RFD who could arrange for it to be exported to a frence RFD, i think it would be far too much hassle and the cost prohibititive,

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