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Thread: Redding powder scale with hydraulic damper

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    Redding powder scale with hydraulic damper

    Hi guys

    I've got up for sale a set of redding heavy cast iron powder scales, they're like the redding No2 powder scales but with the added benefit if the beam is stamped with the increments for powder measure instead of the sticky label that many are now like

    the other benefit these scales have is that the cast iron part has a small reservoir under the fulcrum point which you fill with light machine oil, there is a fine aluminium blade attached to the underside of the beam this addition makes reading the powder load more accurate and quicker to balance out due to the resistance of the oil in the reservoir stopping the beam bouncing

    the tenth scale is actually at the pointer so you can see how many tents you are over or under as your trickling the powder into the pan

    looking for 75 posted


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    Price drop to 60 posted

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    Bump cracking set of redding scales

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    Lee not sure if your inbox is full please pm regarding 243 dies

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    inbox now empty again!!

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    is the powder scale still up for grabs

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    could you post a photo of the scales?

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    your inbox is full give me a shout when you've emptied it pal


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    excellent piece of redding equipment cheap as chips at 55 posted

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