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    Falljraven clothing

    What's folks view on fjallraven clothing, thinking on the lines of possibly stalking clothing and I can get discounted at a shop near me.

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    Very good quality stuff, well designed and well made. Quite "traditional" designs but in a good way, if you know what I mean. Very functional and mostly quite nice to look at.
    Definitely try it on, those Scandinavians are big blokes!
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    Well made functional kit of an impressive pedigree but with corresponding price tag. Sadly now unnecessarily inflated c/o of the Bushcraft Troop that simply can’t enter the woods if not robed in Ray Mears indorsed product and, more recently, those beautiful young things who crave the latest must-have label.

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    I rate it very highly as do the football casuals but despite that the G1000 is amazingly tough and retains its colour after countless washes. Their "50 shades of green" is crazy as you can buy a pair of trousers and the jacket is a few shades different. G1000 is not even water resistant but can be treated with their wax to make it so.
    As for price i would reckon worth every penny although this only comes clear after years of service.

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    Top drawer kit. I wear the G1000 trousers for the reds. Very tough wearing, dry very quickly, comfortable and plenty of pockets. Expensive, yes but has been said before " Buy sh*te buy twice "

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