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Thread: Howa boyds stock

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    Howa boyds stock

    Hi guys i noticed another post about the weight of boyds stocks. I just wondered how heavy a sporter would weigh with a laminate boyds stock.
    Cheers dan

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    Mines made no noticeable difference to the weight

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    My stainless Howa 22.250 sits in a Boyds laminated sporter stock and is surprisingly light. The thumbhole version might be a bit heavier.

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    General question, how easy or difficult is it to fit a new stock? I have a Steyr Pro Hunter.

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    would be interested in this as I have a Howa 1500 and considering buying of Boyd's stocks

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    I had to dremmel a little bit around the recoil lug to get mine to sit straight, took all of 10 minutes to fit.

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    Cool thanks will order tonight

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