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Thread: Are Seeland any good? Thinking of a Poncho

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    Are Seeland any good? Thinking of a Poncho

    As above I am thinking of getting a Seeland Poncho

    Any thaughts?

    Seeland Shelter Poncho Pine Green One Size: Clothing



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    See land are the same manufacturer as harkila but as I understand it they are their more economy line..... I have had a few shirts and a gillet from seeland and all have been perfectly fine and much more affordable than if they had had a harkila label, I would buy their stuff again, but would have to say I've never tried their waterproof gear.....
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    On an extremely wet day pheasant shooting, standing out in the open last season for a few hours I wore a Harkila Pro Hunter jacket and some Seeland trousers. The jacket stayed waterproof but eventually the trousers let water in.

    But it was VERY wet. They haven't let me down before and they are otherwise good value. Not as hard wearing as more expensive stuff, but in all, they do the job and are good value for the money. Can't comment specifically on the poncho though.

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    I am sort of in to Seeland recently, having picked up a few bits here and there. While at Bisley recently I stuck my head into the posh shotgun shop, W Evans, as they have a good Sale rack most of the time. Picked up 2 very nice Seeland shirts recently, the last with a lovely fleece liner that is toasty warm and was thirty notes in a sale; good quality for not a lot.

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    I have there dog walking vest and it gets worn every day, several years old now and still all in one piece. Wouldnt be without it

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    iv the sealand marsh pants.i was on the moor last sat counting grouse and 2 hours of gale force wind/rain in the west of didnt let the water in.They got slightly damp.but that was it

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    I bought my wife a Seeland coat (I forget which one). It's now coming to the end of its second winter, and still no sign of leeks.

    More impressively, she caught the pocket on a bramble and pulled a thread. She took it back to Emmett & Stone in Marlow who sent it back to Seeland who repaired it free of charge.

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    Well I was wearing one of their jackets last Sunday, gale force winds with driving rain + a bit of prone shooting on a wet field and stayed dry! The coat is about four years old now as well.


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    I have a Poncho, think its a Seeland, the one with a flap to cover your scope whilst sitting, I've used it many times on driven hunts and even though I am just sitting the condensation build up is shocking, can only imagine what it would be like if you where active

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    Same company as Harkila, I have a variety of Seeland gear and on the whole it's been excellent.

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