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Thread: Lisenfield Scope 3x12x50mm Spezial

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    Lisenfield Scope 3x12x50mm Spezial

    Evening gents

    I just took one of these in from a mate in good condition that I was going to put on my new estate rifle.

    Has anyone any experaince of them, it looks an OK bit of kit-but not an S&B or Swarovski I know, but its a solid German made scope & seems pretty robust, has anyone used them before?

    Regs Lee

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    I have a Lisenfeld 3-12x56 with an illuminated reticule on my .222. It has been on there for 5 years and has never moved zero in all that time, which is a good test as it my main foxing rifle and gets the odd knock or two.

    Ok the glass isnt as good as with my swarovski's or schmidt's but it is a damn sight better than American or far east glass as far as I have seen.

    For the money they are a very good buy, and although the factory has shut due to the death of mr lisenfeld, if need be they can be repaired through the scope doctor.

    I may get another as a back up scope in the future as they can come pretty cheap second hand.



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    Thanks buddy, she seems like 50 well spent then my friend.

    Regs Lee

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    You jammy bugger, tell me whos selling it and I will up you a tenner

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    Is it defiantly a 3-12X56? because I have a 4-12X56 spezial, it is a spare scope that I have never actually used. The only thing I noticed was that the X hairs looked quite thick, not that this should cause any problems when shooting deer.

    50 you luck bugger.



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    You must have stepped in it that's for sure. I was watching one on e-bay and it went for nearly 5x that price.

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    Guys many thanks, she is a 3x12x50 Spezial, the plex is a little thick though but at 50 shes the nutts for the estate rifle, there is an 8x56 on Classifides at the moment for 200, so yes I got a good deal for once.

    Regs Lee

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