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Thread: Greetings from Finland

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    Greetings from Finland


    a Finnish guy hoping to get more insight about your hunting culture, tactics and game species.

    Lauri Kakkonen

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    Welcome. You Finns make excellent rifles! Hope you enjoy the site.


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    hi and welcome to sd and all the very Lauri.

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    Welcome Lauri thinking many would also be very interested in your hunting culture and customs atb Eric

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    Welcome aboard.

    Moose, Whitetail and Capercaillie, sounds a great place to hunt to me!

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    Greetings. Had the pleasure of stalking with some of your countrymen the past fall in Scotland.

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    Greetings to you in the home of Sako rifles. Great country you have there, bit chilly at times but I like it there a lot. Not too sure about jumping through a hole in the ice of a frozen lake after a sauna though
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    Welcome to the site,

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    Welcome to the site. We are planning a trip to Finland again at the end of June after our great week at the start of October last year. Sadly it is canoeing & not hunting on the Lakes of Saimma west of Mikkeli, but I am determined to have a look at the hunting shop I saw on the way back last time.

    There is lots of good information here.

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