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Thread: sheep and roe. advice please.

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    sheep and roe. advice please.

    i have a stubble field where i have seen a few roe over the past few weeks. some sheep were put in there for a few days, but have been gone for about a week now.

    i was going to try a high seat there saturday morning, am i wasting my time?? will the sheep have put off the roe?

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    Depends how many sheep were in there and how much they have contaminated the ground and how much rain you have had since. If I was you I would have a look down there and see if they are coming out on there again. If they are try your high seat if you cant stalk in to them. If they are not there then dont bother for a few weeks or until you see them on there again.


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    I agree with devilishdave,

    The main factor in my opinion is whether there has been enough rain to wash out the stink of the smelly tick ridden b******s.

    It might be worth having a word with the farmer.

    He might have seen the deer back in the field and to check if and when he is going to put stock in the field before you waste your time and effort putting the highseat up.


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    highseat is no effort at all, its a portable jobby, i'm putting it up tonight whilst out looking for a ginger one! i wont have chance to check if deer are back before saturday so i'm going to risk it. even if there not using it i might get some action as field borders free range chicken fields!

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    As a rule over the years I have noticed in general Roe avoid fields with sheep in them. Although I have no doubt that in some areas they will tolerate them, but I have noticed in many of the areas I have stalked over the years, they do not like them.

    They also seem to avoid fields that have had a great number in when empty of sheep. I have only a theory, in that sheep are greasy things, and I think the grease/lanolin from their wool contaminates the grass and makes it unpalatable. But a good down pour puts things back to rights.

    Now this is only a theory, I have no idea if I am right or wrong, but I have one or two other stalking friends who also think there is something in it.

    On the other hand other species like Sika and Reds dont seem to bothered by sheep. I am sure someone else will come up with another theory.

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    Sheep and Roe

    Hi Bucksden, its not just the roe that dislike sheep soiled fields. Rabbits too will leave ares where large numbers of sheep have been grazing and not return till there has been rain. I have seen roe on many occasions come into a field where there have recently been sheep and have left almost straight away. Only good thing about sheep is that they bring in the foxes!

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    i have the same problem with fallow and sheep when the farmer have sheep there on tac for a couple of weeks the fallow deer wont use the field then about two weeks after there gone the deer return

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    what about horses will roe and fallow share with them?

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    On my way home I pass a field that is used for grazing at least two horses.

    At this time of year I regularly see roe in the field as well.

    Absolutely no experience of fallow so can't say.


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