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    Hi, Not a stalker yet but got some Rimfire rifles.

    bit of a Night vision expert though

    there is about 20 deer in my mates back garden if i fancied a pop at some with his .243

    if anyone wants to take me night stalking with them i can provide a Gen 3 PVS14 for us to hunt with.

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    Hi Hornady,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Before they all leap on you I'll just point out that you clearly meant night stalking on the rare instances that circumstances demand it, and even then only with an appropriate night licence from Natural England, yes?


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    i didnt know you needed all that to shoot deer on your own land?

    i could go down my mates back garden and shoot his deer any time i liked without all the hassle lol

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    Deer Act 1991:

    It is an offence to take or intentionally kill deer of any species at night (between one hour after sunset to one hour before sunrise). It is also an offence to attempt to commit the offence.
    Don't worry, before I got the stalking bug I had no idea either.

    all the best,


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    does this apply to deer that arent wild?

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    Honest answer... I don't know!

    But then I can't think of a reason why anyone would choose to shoot captive ('park') deer at night. And I certainly wouldn't call it stalking.


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    yeh its not really stalking exactly. but if you got them in your back garden and its time to cull a few or there is one u fancy for dinner, then you can make it as interesting as you like without having to pay for deer stalking

    especially when u got a huge piece of land and they could be anywhere.

    thanks for the info, learn something everyday!

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