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Thread: Land deemed suitable by the chief of police?

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    Land deemed suitable by the chief of police?

    Hi All,

    I have recently recieved my FAC and been and bought a .22LR and .308.

    I have permission to shoot on some land and the owner has said I can sight in my .308 there and said that it is cleared for it.

    I tried to check this with the FAO but they couldn't find the land by name on their system (I know it has been checked as this was confirmed as my permission for my .22)

    Do I need to push this any further or have I satisfied my legal obligation to shoot there with the .308?

    I know the licensing guidance used to say that confirming with the owner was enough but i can't seem to find that in the latest 2014 version.

    Any help would be much appreciated.



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    As with all these things, the only answer that matters is the one from your licencing department, so ignore the advice on here and speak to them, it is their call, and they alone will be able to give you the definitive answer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by deerstalker.308 View Post
    As with all these things, the only answer that matters is the one from your licencing department, so ignore the advice on here and speak to them, it is their call, and they alone will be able to give you the definitive answer.
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    If they can't find it, why not ask them to get it cleared for you?
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    If the fire arms licencing dept can't find it then don't shoot it

    ask the questions regarding they look into it on why it can't be found and or get it cleared

    until they have it on the system cleared don't shoot it

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    Thanks for the advice everyone, I ended up calling the Firearms Officer who did my original interview and found that the land was registered but they had spelt the name incorrectly.

    It turned out to only be cleared for .22LR, and although the officer offered to have it looked at again, we agreed it is unlikely to pass for higher caliber (it has safe backstops but no quarry species hence i was only intending its use for zeroing). The person who had told me .308 was fine I now believe has an open ticket making the clearence irrelevant to him anyway.

    If anything it serves as a cautionary tale - just because others shoot their .308 doesnt mean you can skip the check with the police!

    Thanks again,


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    Again, this only serves to highlight the nonsense in having land checked and FACs conditioned in this manner. If it's deemed safe for a .22 then it should be deemed 'safe' full stop (or 'backstop', as the case may be) So theoretically any FAC holder with permission, an open ticket and a .50cal can blat away to their hearts content, but you can only use your .22 on the land? Madness

    So where are you going to zero your .308? I'd (politely of course) argue your case with them, making sure you highlight that you'll be zeroing only, and that you'll ensure you have safe backstops
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    Completely agree that the system is daft.

    If it was my land I would push more, in this case the owner has already gone well out of his way to help me out with my FAC so I at least plan to leave it a while before asking him for anything more (ie guiding the FAO around again).

    Going to head to Diggle ranges to zero as i was planning to look into joining for some full bore target shooting anyway I was just being lazy and trying to avoid the hour and a half drive!

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    daft the feo could turn up to find open ticket holder shooting his .50cal have a look at the land and say not safe for any shooting and leave the open ticket holder to carry on

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    Are you West, North or South Yorks as they operate their licencing slightly different,

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