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Thread: Need to replace a lost knife: any experience of Puma?

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    Need to replace a lost knife: any experience of Puma?

    Hello everyone.

    Last time I went stalking, I found my CWD eventually, only to realise later on that I had lost my knife in the process. I had managed to hold on to that Buck Ranger for 23 years, and it ended its' career in a pile of gralloch in a Bedfordshire field. Ah well, it's the way it would have wanted to go. So I now find myself in the market for a fixed-blade stalking knife. I do have a couple that can serve in the interim, so I can take my time around the research. A quick initial scan of the Interweb has yielded the Puma Waidmann as a contender: Jagdmesser 113580 PUMA waidmann, 248.00 EUR

    That said, I have no experience of Puma knives, I just know them by name. Can anyone vouch for them, or the opposite as the case may be?

    I'm also going to look into custom knives, particularly in France, just to be different. I have a pretty clear idea of what I want, it's more a question of finding it at the right price. And I know that a pretty knife will work no better than a 10 one with an orange plastic handle, or indeed an Opinel No6, but you've seen my rifles and you know the sort of thing I like...

    Thanks for your help!

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    Sorry, but I can't keep quiet. Why on earth would anyone spend 248 Euros on a knife?
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    I'm not primarily interested in spending €284. It's just a starting point for discussion. Although a possible answer might be that if I'd spent that amount of money on a knife, I'd be careful not to leave it in a pile of guts. Every since I've had an expensive umbrella, I've avoided forgetting it on the Tube or on buses after all.

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    If I was looking for a good kitchen knife I'd spend that amount, but not for a stalking knife. I use a Walther Anniversary edition knife I picked up in the States for the princely sum of $25. I'm pretty sure there was a '1' missing from the price, but I wouldn't have bought it at over 100!!
    A Man should be wise, but never too wise. He who does not know his fate in advance is free of care

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    puma make good knives
    equal if not better than buck IMO

    had one a while ago but now use a combination of a Buck fixed, a Mora and a plain jane Opinel!

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    If it helps, my father in-law (I think you have actually met him), gave me a puma knife (Bowie) to cut our wedding cake. Had it engraved with my wife's initials. I love the it!! It keeps its edge well and with a bit of work I can get it super sharp.Click image for larger version. 

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    After much pondering and some good feedback on here, I have just ordered a Fallkniven TK2 to live on my belt:
    There will still be a handful of orange stainless Mora's in the vehicle for general gralloching, but I thought something nice on my belt was required!

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    I was given a puma folding knife when I was just 12 by my father, it continues to be my main stalking knife to this day and performs admirably. One thing is that it doesn't get razor sharp, but on the flipside it doesn't go blunt that quick either.

    that said, I'm saving up for a custom knife like one of these - ...:::SRJ:::...

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    Puma are excellent. I have had a whitehunter for the last 47 years, but don't use it much now as it is too big and heavy.

    I would go for a Mora at about a tenner. Sharpens well, keeps an edge as well as many and you won't worry too much if you lose it.


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    Bought a Puma folder when I was 18 and still use it now many, many, many...............many years later.

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