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    doe box

    hi folks looking to know what size do you make your doe box hide

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    depends on the land ,do you want some height or just a hide ,check direction the winds coming from most backstops etc ,any size you want could just be half a dozen pallets screwed together, its up to you,

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    3 pallets in a "U" shape with plank across the middle saw them at euston yrs ago plenty of room for two Stalkers .

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    Don't make it too small so it is difficult to move around inside quietly. I like them big enough to stretch out a bit whilst waiting.
    Good ergonomics make a real difference to the enjoyment of using a doe box.
    Set the plank seat so that it is comfortable to sit comfortably leaning against the back wall but still with a good view out & set another plank up as a shooting rest that you can lay the rifle on ready for quick deployment & a good shooting position.
    I like them six ft wide by six high (don't like banging my head!) by about five ft front to back.


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    They were originally built so you could move them about easily. I have the plans somewhere for the real doe boxes, the rest are just cheap copies I will look them out when I have a spare moment

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    cheers guys also is it better to have a roof or not i have a high seat already but looking more comfort

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    Sent me your email and I will send plan drawings for you to use.
    if interested?

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    A roof has its benefits - Keeps you dry & warmer. It also puts you more in the shade so your movements are harder to see from the outside.
    I've used doe boxes quite a lot & deer often look at them as if they know you may be there so being in the shade is quite important.


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    If you search the forum you will find a brilliant post fom Thar showing a doe box made from IBC containers.

    How to make a doe box out of two 1000lt plastic containers.



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    hey moss

    I like to be able to move a wee bit without touching the sides so you dont make noise and always get a lid on so that you can sit up when its wet without getting a wet arse . try an old carpet on floor for sound reduction and on insides to keep wind out. I usually put a bird box on outside so they don't build inside and crap over everything ES

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