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Thread: sako tikka 30mm stainless optilocks

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    sako tikka 30mm stainless optilocks


    Please see link. Any questions please pm

    Sako/tikka 30mm stainless optilocks | United Kingdom | Gumtree

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    Hi I was told only the other day when a reputable gunsmith went to fit some optilocks on my sako 85 when it was in his shop for threading that he had some that would fit a Sako only to find they where for a tikka and would not fit, just a thought,
    What did they come off because i am still looking for some for my Sako?

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    Hi just been on your link and seen it had come off a Tikka
    Regards Jez

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    Hi Jez. These will fit all tikkas as far as I'm aware and the sako that have straight rails. They won't fit sako rifles (such as the 75) that hale the tapered rails. Hope this helps. Regards Rob

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    Provisionally sold pending payment

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