I changed my Ziess for the Swar, 6x42, I went to the shoot to zero. I thought the prob was the ziess, OK the wind was a problem but I set up a fresh range lower down in the wood. i set the target at 50m to find the target, difficult to put a 3" group. Tried the .22 10 shots 2" group 8 inside an inch. Moved out to 100m, 6 inch Closed bipod used the bag, Down to 4" Took bipod off 3" but zero moved 2" right, Corrected that last three groups were sub 3" last one under 2"at 100m, Wind and losing light not helping,
Prohunter2 synthetic .243. I take it the problem was the bipod, Federal powershock 100gn with a bit of pilot error thrown in. i zeroed without the mod as the new ground does not require mods and it is a lot more comfortable without.
I would be comfortable shooting at that. Any suggestions on other ammo the prohunter might like, Sub 2" is my standard. 100m, I am not going to get much better at my age,