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Thread: South Yorkshire police variation delay NOT!!

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    South Yorkshire police variation delay NOT!!

    I Wanted to add a new 308 to my licence after some silly sod suggested there was a Tikka m65a available only kiding about the silly sod been looking for one for years
    so i realised my money was already spent . Well I printed of the online form and sent it on Tuesday afternoon, I had a Phone call on Thursday to clarify a few points. I was expecting it back the following Friday so probably 10 days . It was all signed and sorted By Saturday morning thatís a turnaround time including postage of 3 days.

    I now have a new project in the gun cabinet Thanks to South Yorkshire police Great job

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    Must admitt, I, m only hearing good thing about sy firearms of recent, just hope they keep the good work up��.
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Yes the service was fantastic really impressed, prompt and professional.

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