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Thread: Full Bore Shooting Near Doncaster

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    Full Bore Shooting Near Doncaster

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know of a full bore shooting range near Doncaster? I have seen people mention Balby Rifle and Revolver but is this still going? - I can't seem to find it online.

    Other than this I know of Carlton Moor range and Diggle, both within an hour and a half drive that will do the job if theres nothing closer (zero this week, looking for membership in future).

    Any info on Balby or other ranges nearby would be much appreciated.



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    Hi Ryan,

    There's a range at Mirfield that I believe you can pay on the day for zeroing etc. I think it's changed hands since I was there last. It's probably less than an hour from Donny - I did my DSC 1 there and there were lads from Barnsley and Sheffield on the course. I know there is a club range at Mattersley in north notts, but I don't have any personal experience or knowledge of it but that would be a lot closer to you I suspect I'm also sure I've seen some flags butts next to the motorway around Thorne when driving along the M18 to my dads place in goole.

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    Thanks for the info, I hadnt known about Mattersey Club and it seems ideal, but their Contact Us section doesnt seem to work and they have no contact number! Does anyone on here shoot there or have contact info for them?

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    Mirfield is ok mate, its on Paul lane, you can just turn up and pay for an hour, remember to take your certificate with you mate.

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    Just saw this! Yes, Balby Rifle and Revolver still is open, contact the chairman if you want to come along

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    Brandsburton Clay pigeon ground-5miles from Beverley.

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    Mattersey Rifle & Pistol Club. Not far from Doncaster open 7 days a week with a good 100m range and just building a 200m for C/F


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