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Thread: You know you're a deer stalkers wife when....

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    Wink You know you're a deer stalkers wife when....

    Right then, off the tail of the previous hilarious thread, I dare you all to let your missus have a short spell at the keyboard to answer this one!!!
    This could be very interesting!

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    I will get Debs to give here two pennith on this one in the morning, she's checking out the back of here eyelids just now



  3. #3 go into the garage 2 get a loaf of bread out of the freezer, and you have 2 dodge furry dead things hanging from the ceiling!!!!

    Jess...Ezzys Wife.

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    When he lost his shooting ground he spoke with grunts and you'd have thought his right arm was chopped off.


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    When the cleanest things in the house are the guns he owns !! And when you buy a steak because you want to remember what beef tastes like instead of venison !

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    When we have the head of a red stag above our bed!


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    ....when you wake up on a Saturday morning in bed on your own and don't remember your other half kissing you goodbye...

    or.... a moment of weakness (or is that stupidity), you agree to a honeymoon in Inverness including a morning (or perhaps two) stalking...!!!!


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    You know you're a deer stalkers wife when....

    You know you're a deer stalkers wife when....
    Your lovely little Terrier Puppy...Attachment 514
    Who is supposedly on a puppy food diet, does a ginger haired turd, with a Muntjac toenail at the end of it!!! Obviously not eating just his puppy food!! However, does your deer stalking obsessed husband clear it up off the kitchen floor - oh no..... he calls all the family to view it whilst asking 'where's the camera?'!!!! He was sooooo proud!!!! Nice photo, eh?!!

    Attachment 515

    Monkey Spankers Missus.

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