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Thread: Heym SR 20 and SR21

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    Heym SR 20 and SR21

    Can anyone explain the differences between the SR20 and the SR21. I have recently seen a post in which it was sated that the SR21 was a belter rifle (mechanically) but inferior aesthetically to the SR 20.

    I am thinking of adding a Heym to my cabinet so I would be very interested in opinions on the above.

    Thanks in advance,


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    SR20: double stack floor plate magazine; SR21 single stack drop box magazine.

    SR20: safety on side (like Sako/Tikka); SR21 safety on bolt.

    SR20: if uncut, barrel length is usually 24"; SR21 barrel length usually 20".

    SR20: large ejection port so top loadable; SR21 small ejection port so really need to load into magazine when it's off the rifle.

    SR20: good condition second hand one will cost 750-950; SR21 new will cost 1400-1500, second hand 950-1200.

    People will argue endlessly about which is better. I think there is so little in it that it comes down to the condition of the individual rifle and your own preferences with regard to things like magazine and barrel length.

    I have an SR21 in .308, and will not, under any circumstances, part with it.

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    I have two heyms an sr21 and an sr30 and love them both the build quality is fantastic the only reason I dont have a sr20 is I have a preference for removable magazines and the sr20 is a double stacked floor plate
    the sr30 I own is a straight pull 7x57 and have grown to like it so much for the ability to get a second shot of quicker than would be normaly possible (for me anyway Im sure others would disagree)
    I have shot the sr20 as well and they are just as good a lot of it comes down to personal taste,bolt action or straight pull,floor plate or removable magazine the choice is yours I see your in the southeast as Am I if u pm me and we can get together I would be willing to let u try the rifles I own before you make ur final choice

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