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Thread: Heart and Lung shots.

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    Heart and Lung shots.

    This is a question about h&l shots only. I'm not interested in head and neck.

    so I have managed to shoot a few deer now, mostly roe and muntjac and a couple of prickets.
    Excluding the Munties which drop on the spot all the roe and fallow have run.

    shots were good and they basically would fall between 40 and 100 yards. The fallow ran furthest.

    i shoot 1/3 of the way up just behind the back of the leg so it is more heart shot than anything. Now having done some reading I see the BDS recommend 1/2 way up as it gives more margin for error. What I want to know is will it increase the potential of dropping them on the spot? My heart always goes in my mouth when they run but so far never been a bad shot. (Touch wood)

    roe are shot with 243 and between 85 and 100 grain.
    both prickets were shot with 150 grain 30.06

    comments and discussion open. Go for it.....
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    I would say there's no telling as there are so many factors involved, a higher shot theoretically will be more lung than anything else, and they can run with double lung shots probably as far if not further than a heart shot. if you want them to drop or stop where they stand then as has been discussed before, so called 'pinning' through the shoulders will do that, or a high shoulder, as will the shots you've said not to discuss.
    its never nice to see the animal run when you've shot it, always a bit of a heart in mouth moment, but if you are confident and don't have boundary issues, I wouldn't worry about it...
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    I use federal 80 grain .243 on roe / heart and lung shots and they nearly always drop on the spot. Aim about half way up just behind front leg (make sure that it is standing with legs straight)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Essex stalker View Post
    I use federal 80 grain .243 on roe / heart and lung shots and they nearly always drop on the spot. Aim about half way up just behind front leg (make sure that it is standing with legs straight)

    +1 for this combination.

    Read the current Hydrostatic thread for more info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Singing Stalker View Post
    Excluding the Munties which drop on the spot all the roe and fallow have run.
    It's just a matter of time then .

    I've shot muntjac with a 308 that have run fifty yards and, on gralloching, had little if any heart left. Mostly (though not always) these were muntjac that were alert before the shot was taken. Maybe this is a feature of the primitive nature of muntjac, but they are tough little bu99ers.

    To return to your question, if going for a h/l shot I normally aim approx 1/2 way up the body, though I find it more important to consider the three-dimensional shot path (i.e. whether the deer is totally level and broadside on, or standing at an angle, above/below, etc) than only 1/3 or 1/2 way up.

    Personally I think in field conditions stalking in woodland there's often not enough time to differentiate between the two, at least to the level of accuracy that some might claim. Muntjac in particular are nearly always on the move, and waiting for them to stand broadside on can often prove to be a fruitless task.
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    We have had a lot of fallow walk off after being shot with various calibres when shot in the chest, the furthest one made over 500 mtrs and was lung shot. That was with a 150 grn .308

    Have had others that just walked off with no sign of being hit (from the deers reactions) and then collapsed within 50 mtrs or so.

    I know the thread is about heart/lung shots but personally I prefer to get close enough for head or neck shot, especially if near to woodlands where they could disappear when shot.

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    There's a lot of good info and feedback on this here...

    Is it inevitable that a lung shot deer will run?
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    As a recreational stalker and only filling the freezer I have shot maybe 25+ roe (the only species) in the few years I have been seriously stalking. Half of that was with my Dads .243 with 100gr Winchester XP's, all of which ran at least 40 yards with h/l shots, sometimes up to a hundred and clearing walls and fences before dropping dead. Never had one drop on the spot. When I bought my own .308 and using 123gr (SAKO) or 150gr (PPU) I would say 90% have dropped on the spot or within 5 yards. Exact same shot and I would say pretty much where you are aiming (mind you there isn't much in it between 1/2 way and 1/3rd up the animal in stalking conditions).

    That's just my experience and it isn't a huge number to base any theory on. I know there are lots of people on here that have animals drop with the .243. Maybe the bullets I was using didn't expand as well as the ones I use in the .308. No idea, but just thought I would say I was in the same boat before switching. (Also do not wish to open this up as a my calibre is better than yours thread! )

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    My best guess based on sample size of what shot in my life to date of c450 animals (UK deer and African plains game) is only about 15 percent of H and L have dropped on the spot. Usually when they have they where quartering so there was an element of pinning and maybe liver hit as well. One example of a none drop was last year a Sika stag from 30 yards full in the chest with a 275 150g ballistic tip. Chest was one big clot. Heart barely identifiable. Liver smashed and bullet recovered just resting outside stomach bag with virtually no weight to it. Amazingly it ran about 40 yards and was oblivious so not pumped


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    I use 130gr in my .270 & haven't had a deer run yet (touch wood). If I need to take a heart/lung shot I try to keep my shot a touch higher on a broadside shot to try & avoid ruining the shoulders completely (like a few others though, I prefer to avoid them if possible....due to the .270s tendency to damage the meat, especially on roe)
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