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    308 Moderator

    Hi all. Has anyone got any experience with the DPT moderators, and if so how do they stack up when compared to Atec Maxim. I don't want to start a thread about all the others that are available (better or worse). Thing is, I have a the chance of the DPT, with a couple of extra baffles on it and already have a couple of Maxims and kind of like them. It's whats best DPT or Atec? Ta, cjs

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    I have 2, 308 and 243, can,t fault them.
    Prior to buying them i had a t8 mod on my tikka 243 which with a varmint barrel was very heavy and out of balance. The dpt mod has transformed the rifle and i would say is the same in terms of noise suppression, although i did not do a comparison test as i swapped one for one.
    As far as the 308 is concerned i bought the rifle at the same time as the mod but it seems fine to my inexperirnced ears.
    Dpt are a New Zeeland company and the mods are well thought of over there but being new to the market over here, little had been written about them. They come with a life time warranty, not sure what that will mean but the selling point for me was the weight at 270 gramms.
    I spoke to the chap who is importing them (DPT Euro - Ultralight Centrefire and Rimfire Suprerssors) who was very helpful and so if you ask me they are well worth a punt and at 255 are not too pricey. I got mine from Northallerton Shooting.

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    Cheers Bryn, ta for input. I think life time warranty seals the deal. Where as Atec are classed as disposable by the importer. Crap init! cjs

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    Hi folks, just a update on the moderator dilemma. I went for the DPT, 30 cal with two extra baffles. Great choice, thanks for the recommendation Bryn. It's still a smidge lighter than the Atec, even with the extra baffles, maybe a bit longer, but not much. The guy I shoot with said he was impressed by the sound suppression of it compared to the Atec but, to tell the truth, with me shooting I couldn't tell much difference.. But it balances well on the rifle, is strippable and has a lifetime warranty… Job done. Regards. cjs

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