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Thread: Chillers - what are you using please???

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    Chillers - what are you using please???

    Hi Gents ,
    Hope you can help and apoligise if this has been asked before ,
    My question is ( for home single garage room ) what chillers do you use at Home and if you could post a photo and why , and how you have found them - it will be most appreciated!!
    The reason for asking is , in the near future i plan to upgrade as at the moment my chiller can hold 2 Roe , could be on the Fallow soon!!! ( hence the upgrade ).
    Heres what i am using at the moment...

    Its been a great chiller , as you can see , 2 Roe fit just nice and still enough cool air to get around , but need room for Fallow in the future!!!
    Thoughts and experinces please???
    Thank you.

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    Snap, I have a very similar set-up. For something bigger, this thread was very helpful - Landig Deer Fridges Regards JCS
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    I use a very similar chiller to the one in the photo which is located in my garage. Does the job and at a pinch can take three roe. It is adequate for my needs.


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    I have the same, but can wedge 3 roe in or 2 fallow (prickets or does).. Ok, its a bit squashed but they chill down ok.

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    Thanks for the input so far lads
    Probably get 1 Fallow in okay , but do like the look of the Landig chillers ( thanks for link jcampbellsmith )..
    All the very best ............

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    I have got one of the Landig LU10000 fridges which will take 6 fallow at a squeeze (designed for 4). Good bit of kit but as been said it was eye-wateringly expensive and if I was starting out again today I would use that money to put towards a walk in chiller as you always seem to never have enough room!
    Good points of the Landig is that is gets down to temperature very fast, think they quote 10mins. Good air circulation and had stuff hanging for 3 weeks plus without any mould. Easy to clean, the mirror finish stainless steel cleans up with just a damp cloth.

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    Got a free standing foster in stainless but alas it's given up the ghost (gas leak been repaired once) been without all winter but I'll have to sort something for fallow before too long .

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    I use a drinks chiller. You could always get a second one.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I picked up a good commercial fridge off e-bay and can hand a hind and calf in it (aitch hanging). Bit bigger than a drinks jobbie

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    I made my own. Very easy and didn't cost a lot!! Call me if you want a chat. I also sold one to Tim few months ago

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