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Thread: morena

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    just checking your ok mate not seen you on here for a while, has anyone had any contact?

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    I was thinking the same. I may give him a ring tomorrow to see how he is unless anyone else here knows anything?

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    Norman was looking alive and well when I saw him earlier in the month, complete with a large saucepan and a badger's skull (long story ). He'd just got back from stalking in the Highlands.


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    I was wondering the same thing I sent marina a pm over a month ago and it still hasnt been picked up at his end, did he make the move over to the new site ok ?

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    when you take a look at his profile he aint been on the site since mid feb

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    you're right andy, it is noticable when he's off-line. I like reading many of his very informative threads.

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    me too john, you do notice when members such as morena go awol.

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    I have phoned him twice today, the last time about 30 seconds ago. No answer either time I left a message for him to ring as we were wondering about him.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    ok john, he wont be the first member to go on walkabout!!!!!!!!!

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    I text him yesterday and didn't get a reply. Hope he's ok!

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