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Thread: Warning Stolen Harris Hawks

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    Angry Warning Stolen Harris Hawks

    Police Scotland are investigating the theft of two Harris Hawks from a bird of prey centre near to Loch Lomond.
    Be aware.
    Information is available on their Web page or Facebook page.

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    Sad state of affairs and hope the birds and returned safely and in good health soon.

    It does make me wonder how the hell do you steal a harris hawk? Must be an experienced handler surely?

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    Sadly it probably wont be an experienced handler, but some scum bag with the most rudimentary knowledge of falconry, who will clip the rings from the birds legs and put them on bird trader or similar in a few months, it is what happens to the poor birds,most likely shut in a garden shed, between now and then, sadly though I hope the outcome is different, the market is so saturated with Harris hawks that the chances of recovering these birds is virtually nil.

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    I am ignorant of the world of falconry, but is it not possible to microchip BoP in the same way as dogs? Would seem to me a far better way of tracking that ringing, even if it was in addition.
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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