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Thread: New Anschutz .308

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    New Anschutz .308

    For the Anschutz fans you can now get .308 as well as the .223 now:

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    Is it just me or is that an ugly beast?

    "Even at the very bottom of the river, I didn't think to myself, Is this a hearty joke or the merest accident? I just thought, it's wet." - Eeyore

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    I think i'm in love!

    She may well be less than beautiful to some but i guarantee it will out shoot just about any other un-customised rifle out there. I wonder what the asking price will be and whether they'll eventually offer a stainless/synthetic option?

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    I'm sure it will shoot exceptionaly well i know my .17 hmr does but my only concern would be the drilled alloy reciever for mounts,not ideal as think Sauer found out.

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    I think Anschutz are having a bit of a change of models etc: from what I hear. I have always had Anshutz and despite strange safety catch, which you get used to, have always proved brilliant rifles, certainly not the cheapest, but very accurate, extremely well made and will give many years of sevice.

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    I love Annie's, but I think my affections stop at the rimfires with which I own. I looked into the .223, did some investigations, and didn't hear great things I must admit. As regards to most accurate rifle out of the box...I think you'd still be hard pushed to beat the Savages - which have been competing VERY well in the UK F Class as well as in the US. Although I did hear that Anschutz helped develop them in more recent years...

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    How much are they and who is importing them?


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    It'll be Frank Dyke in London who is importing them. Not sure on price, but the 223 was ~1400 and a several month wait when I made enquires a few months ago.

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    looks like a browning auto 5 shotgun

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    I'm currently rebuilding an old .270 Anschutz. Anschutz used to use krico 700s and Savage 110s for the Actions.
    Waiting to put the beastie back together soon.

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