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Thread: Spares for RCBS dies

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    Spares for RCBS dies

    Manages to get a brass stuck in my die, and in the process of getting it out, snapped the expander/decapping pin. Can these be purchased as a separate item, or is it a complete new job. Cheers, the chump.

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    You can get them easily enough and not too expensive either. Often if you e-mail RCBS in the USA, they send them out by return FOC....send them a 'nice' email. The customer service back up from most of the mafrs in the USA is absolutely excellent. ATB

    RCBS - Customer Service
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    Fr you, Sir, in West Midlands quickest is a trip down the M6 to Norman Clarke at Rugby who has exensive RCBS spares including both old style plain de-capping pins and the new style with the litte "head"on them. One caution is that you have not also, as does and can happen, bent the decapping rod itself. Again Norman Clarke has those off the shelf in stock. Good Luck!

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    If its a part you are having hassle getting in the u.k.
    Go direct to RCBS wedsite and talk nice to them.
    I couldn't find a decapping unit for my X die they sent one foc .

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    I am having this trouble with a Hornady decapping rod from a .17 Hornet die. Would anyone know who has spares?
    Thanks in advance.

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