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Thread: 7x64 Brenneke users

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    7x64 Brenneke users

    Any 7x64 users out there know where ammunition and/or re-loading dies / cases are available from please?
    Having a hard job finding anything.
    Many thanks

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    Lee makes dies. Contact Spud??~Muir

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    I imagine you already have but, as Muir said, have you tried Spud (1967spud Reloading Supplies - UK Suppliers for Reloading Equipment supplies, We also stock Bullet Heads and Bullet Cases Guns Cabinets, Night vision and much much more...)
    or Reloading Solutions (Rifle Brass - Reloading Solutions Limited - The Uk's premier source for Precision Reloading Products).
    RS's site has them listed and I've found their site to be pretty accurate.

    One of them is bound t have dies. It's a relatively popular caliber after all.

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    Welcome to the 7x64 Club.
    What kind of rifle do you have?

    Lee makes dies in runs, so sometimes they are out of calibers which are not mainstream. Hornady also makes dies for the 7x64. I have a set of both, because I could not get the Lee, then later ran across a set cheap and new at a gun show.

    Norma has about four factory loads for the 7x64, from 125 to 175 gr. They use their own bullets for some, Nosler for some, and Hornady bullets for some. They have loading data online for their powders and a variety of bullets.

    RWS has a half-dozen loads for the 7x64.

    Remington loads a 150-gr and a 175-gr CoreLokt, both good bullets. The 150-gr is also loaded in their .280 Remington ammunition.

    Hornady loads 139-gr Interlock and a 139-gr SST, and the SST as a Superperformance. I have only seen and bought the 139-gr Interlock.
    Hornady also loads 162-gr Interlock and 162-gr SST. These are very good long-range bullets

    The 7x64 has velocity close to a .270 Win, so if you are shooting game inside 200 yards, you need a bullet which will not come apart. I like the Hornady 154-gr ( Interlock, SST, and Interbond), and the 162--gr. The Nosler 150-gr bullets are good. There are so many good 160-gr bullets, that you could shoot nothing but those for everything. The Sierra 160-gr SPBT Gameking is soft enough to open quickly but tough enough to retain mass. The Sierra 160-gr HPBT is tougher. The Speer 160-gr Grand Slam is still tougher, and the 160-gr Swift A-Frame and Trophy Bonded even tougher, for really big (1,000 lb) game.

    I have four 7x64s and some good loads. I am trying to dial in loads which work well in all my rifles, and outstanding in some of them. Tell us what powders and bullets you can get, and there are lots of 7x64 shooters here who can give you loads which for us.

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    Hi The deer man. I use a 7x64 as my main hunting rifle. I don't reload and buy factory ammo for it.

    I get my ammo through William Evans at Bisley.

    I use 165gr Geco Soft Points. (Geco is the budget line of RWS) I’ve found them to be very consistent and I’ve dropped munties, CWD, roe, fallow and Reds in the past 12 months with no problems. The last batch I had from William Evans ran to the princely sum of 22.50/20 or 1.125/bang.

    Not sure if the brass if reloadable but I’m saving it. (Also at that price I’ll struggle to make reloading pay)

    I would also say that William Evans can get RWS ammo in pretty quick. I asked them to get my some RWS 9.3x62 in and they got it within a working week. Paul is the rifle chap there and very helpful.



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    Quote Originally Posted by The deer man View Post
    Any 7x64 users out there know where ammunition and/or re-loading dies / cases are available from please?
    Having a hard job finding anything.
    Many thanks
    Cracking calibre, Lee do dies, Henry Krank comes to mind, Most decent shops will be able to source factory ammo for u, Brass can be awkward to get! again any good RFD will get it, heres a great place to find out about brass to. Couple of good guys here with knowledge of the 7x64 chrisc and jb7-57 also come to mind!

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    Last batch of factory Ammo i got was 380 for 200 rounds of 170gn sakos, 6 months ago, My RFD got them no probs! managed to also get RWS 123gn local to! always managed to get brass to mainly RWS or sellior a Bellot. Cheers

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    Thanks everyone, I'll give Spud and RS a call in the morning.

    This rifle will be my long range (and all round) 7mm as I have a 7mm-08 (use 140gr Sierra HPBT) already and will most likely stick to 160 or 175gr bullets for the 7x64. Sierra I use a lot and found them very good, even the 160 gr SPBT in the 7mm-08. I'll also try the GrandSlam and Accubond as I will use these abroad in South Africa and possibly Europe . Whatever is accurate is what I'll stick with.

    If the brass is difficult to find I might just buy a load of ammo in France this summer and bring it back.

    As for the rifle. . . well I missed a buy today! A Tikka 695 but know of another in .270 which perhaps I'll get and re-barrel. Otherwise looking at a Sako 85 in some form, Grizly or Hunter. Iron sights can be useful especially if travelling abroad and I bash the scope, I've got four weeks to decide. . .mmm!?

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    Tikka offers the T3 with open sights on a 600mm barrel.
    Iron sights are a must for me on a far away hunting trip.

    I have a Steyr Prohunter in 7x64 with sights, with Warne bases and QD rings.

    I am putting heavy express sights on the one I am building ( Ruger 77 rebarrel), which is now barreled and in a stock. My Mauser fullstock carbine also has iron sights and a vintage scope in claw mounts.

    I recently handled a Sako 85 Bavarian in 7mm-08 ( with excellent sights, of course). Very nice rifle, not heavy, well-balanced, and so quick handling and pointing naturally. Very nice blonde walnut with figure, undyed, oil finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The deer man View Post
    Any 7x64 users out there know where ammunition and/or re-loading dies / cases are available from please?
    Having a hard job finding anything.
    Many thanks
    You’d get more visibility by posting this as a ‘Wanted’ in Reloading Classifieds.

    Going by current sales ads this calibre isn’t popular as there only 5 on Guntrader out of 2130 bolt actions in a centre-fire calibre … by coincidence the same number as for 7mm-08. There are 700 .243 and around 400 .308 by comparison so the trade follows the easy option. All the same, I didn’t have any difficulty in finding standard dies or cases in 7x64. I don’t have a rifle for it so wasn’t looking for Redding dies - perhaps you are?

    If the feelers you’ve put out on here don’t bear fruit, try Jim @ Cat Hill who has RWS ammunition – a bit of sweat around the M25, but maybe better than central London or Bisley. Most RFD’s want a minimum order of 100 – 200 so these are in stock. You can neck-size these for a while with the 7mm-08 dies.

    The Reloading Solutions website is a waste of time without a stock list & prices …. long promised but never delivered. Henry Krank have a good on-line inventory in Lee stuff, but these aren’t on it.

    A good place to try for uncommon cases is Wilson & Wilson. I used them to source .32-20 cases for conversion (to get a .310 Cadet rifle shooting) but that was some time ago.

    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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