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Thread: Bears. Clever and persistant.

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    I love it.

    Slightly along the same lines - when skinning recently I hung the hides hair side out over an adjacent post and rail fence that has a strand of electric fence to stop horses chewing the timber. My mates chocolate lab went to steal a hide but grabbed it on the skin side - she left the scene at speed.


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    reminds me of the channel 4 trail for The Simpsons, when homers' beer gets hung up on the electric cables...... 'I know, lets wait until night time and try again........reeeeeeaaaaally gently.......D'oh!!!!'

    Question is, did the bear know what it was doing disconnecting the electric or was it just a lucky swipe of the paw....
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    Now boo boo is that.. e2/r ?...or i2r?... or... ah sod it I'll just trash the whole thing.
    Either way he is smarter than the average bear.
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    I've spent a fair amount of time around bears , Grizzlies and Blacks , and they do possess problem solving intelligence . Obviously this bear didn't understand electricity , but it did realize the battery was something that didn't belong there , so he hit it . The one virtue that bears have in abundance is persistence , if there's food involved , they will keep trying until they get to it . Excellent video , thanks for posting .
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