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    New boy

    Hello all,

    I have just discovered the forum which it seems will be both informative & enjoyable.
    I have been stalking for 12 years of so & am a member of a small 5 man syndicate who lease a small forestry block up in the borders for roe stalking, the problem is I live in South Wales so it's a bit of trek to get there for a weekend & I would love to find something more local to add to this - but it's a bit like looking for rocking horse droppings.
    I am a life long fisherman, nowadays mainly for salmon & sea trout but with some sea fishing & a bit of winter piking thrown in; I also do a bit of wildfowling & some driven pheasant as finances permit.

    I look forward to hearing good advice/ hints/ opinions & will contribute if I feel I have anything relevant to add.

    Best wishes, Tyke.

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    Welcome aboard Tyke i,m sure you'll learn plenty here and get a few laughs on the way.
    ATB Neil.

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    Welllllcome Tyke,
    Have only just joined myself, i'm a valley boy too there's loads of us ! Spoken to some really genuine boys already, very helpful and knowledgable stuff going on here. To be honest it's a bit addictive.... have'nt shaved for 5 days now cos my repetitive strain injury is playing up.....damn these crippled fingers haha !

    Safe Shooting Moosh.

    Ade 30-06

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