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Thread: Blaser R93 30-06 Barrel

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    Blaser R93 30-06 Barrel

    I have finally decided to sell my 30-06 barrel and replace it with a 30-06 rifle.
    This barrel is in good condition and has been well looked after.
    I am asking 500 and would prefer to sell it face to face but rfd to rfd could be arranged at a slight extra cost.
    It is a smooth, Sporter barrel, screw cut at 15 x 1 by Blaser and has a thread protector and magazine.
    A few Norma rounds could be given with the barrel if face to face.
    Thanks for looking.

    PS. I am asking for 500 but may have to accept a lower offer, try me ;-)
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    Come Autumn when everybody starts to think of driven boar trips somebody will want this, so come on get ready now.
    A bargain at 500 but I may be squeazed a little if neccesary or may keep it the same but add a few 180gr Norma rounds or a few 220gr Winchester to start you off.

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    It would seem transfer costs vary considerably across the country.
    So if any 'long range' buyer is interested in it at 500 and has a friendly local RFD willing to assist at your end, I would be willing to pay the despatch/transfer costs from this end.
    To offset this offer to a local buyer I would chuck in a couple of boxes of either Norma 180gr or Winchester 220gr bullets/cartridges.
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    Attachment 53747Attachment 53748I now have the MAK Blaser mount with 30mm rings for sale at 200 including postage.
    This is the mount supplied by Frankonia now whenever they sell a Blaser rifle.
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    The barrel has been inspected by my local RFD and in his opinion it is in Mint condition and is being offered at a good price but naturally he offered me less to cover his sales overheads.
    So if someone wants a bargain feel free to get in touch.

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