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Thread: Wound on Flank.........

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    Wound on Flank.........

    The Doe I shot the other day had 2 wound's on her flank, they were quite leathery to touch with a red tinge in colour.

    With the head shot there was not the usual mix of parts being cut in several pieces in amongst a sea of blood, every thing look just as it should.

    Not the autopsy of the century but it was interesting to see how it had healed...


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    Quote Originally Posted by shotguntom View Post
    Hit by a car?
    I guess, as it was not so far from a country road. Also Does skin far easier than Bucks...that hide came off lovey.


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    +1 probably just clipped by motor. Well done Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beretta cocker View Post
    +1 probably just clipped by motor. Well done Tim
    Thank you, where I had dragged it back around 250 yards, my first though was cursing the rough ground.
    Not that I have found any ticks yet but prefer to drag them rather than sling them on my shoulder.

    Having spoken to Robert Bucknell about his lymes disease, the quicker they go in the chillier the better lol


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