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Thread: hi all

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    hi all

    i'm originally from north gloucestershire now living in west ireland, bit of a latecomer to hunting, i have 2 rifles a cz 17hmr and sig 270win, i like to eat what i hunt so mainly rabbits and last 18months deer, i do a bit of foxing just to keep the numbers down, when you see 4 in a field there must be a lot around

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    Maybe wolsshadow, or maybe, as happens over here, they are poor wee townie foxes that have been caught, sterilised and dumped!

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    very doubtful! think it was a vixen with last years young hanging around, got to, they ran staight into a call, the vixen turned tail and ran, nieghbours ( 200yrds away) lost 4 chickens last week so i get out when i can

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