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Thread: Blanked, but still a top morning...

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    Blanked, but still a top morning...

    Decided I have taken enough Does off the central part of my permission so spent the morning on the East side of the estate. I had been warned by the keeper that there were not many deer over there as the neighbour hates them with a passion and has a couple of lads who are a bit handy with the lamp, but I thought I would have a mooch about anyway.

    He was right. Got there at dawn, waited 10 minutes until I could see well enough and went for a 90 minute walk with dog and gun. Absolutely nothing to be seen. Not even any slots that I noticed, and I was looking!

    There is however a nice little 10 acre, 15 year old wood with rides cut through it at the western edge. I had been keeping it to shoot while the game season was on as I am restricted on where I can go from August to January, but I have not shot a Doe in there this season so thought I would have a wander round.

    No Does, but got within 25 meters of a nice Roe Buck and Buck follower both in velvet. Had no idea we were there so sat tight watching them for 15 minutes until they fed off away from us. They really are beautiful animals.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Ive had many blank days and enjoyed every one of them, dawn on the hills around Dunkeld is a magical ( and damn cold at times) place if it ever got to the point that i could always get a shot it would get boring

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