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Thread: Labrajac - what would you do??

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    Labrajac - what would you do??

    Out this morning (sod the time change ) but not much about in the cold wind, so after 90 mins decide to head back to the car. Give myself one last chance, so stand with my back to a tree at the edge of the field with the rifle up on the sticks, close by a footpath, and with a nice view down the side of the wood. After 10 minutes a muntjac doe appears, 100 or so yards away, coming out of the wood and heading across the field. Look down the scope and wait for it to stop.

    Just then, hear a 'squelch' from behind me. Eyes swivel left and see two labs, one chocolate and one yellow, thankfully on leads and with a walker behind them. They pass to my left, less than 10 yards away, then stop level with me at the edge of the field and look at the muntjac which decides to hightail it out of here.

    Neither walker nor dogs ever realised I was there, so +1 to the camo manufacturers, but wonder what the result would have been if they had arrived 5 seconds later.


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    Jesus, Willie, with that title I thought you were going to tell us that your Lab had shagged your Jack Russell and you were worried about the outcome....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    HAHAHA!.......i had the same thoughts!......lab shaggin a jack russell!!!

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    I thought it was going to be that desperation had got the better of his faithful lab who decided he was more of a muntjac lover than a tracker!

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    I did see a labrador allegedly crossed with a chihuahua once, it just looked like a mini labrador... I didn't ask how it was conceived though!

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    I'd say you'd be giving emergency first aid to the walker, they'd probably have a heart attack if a full bore rifle went off that close to them!

    It's funny you mention that. At an estate I shoot on I was led in a bush a couple of weeks back and decided through boredom to check my zero. I spotted a suitable target (a leaf) about 75 yards away and decided to let fly with no moderator. Well it was then that I saw the woman who looks after the gardens standing maybe fifteen feet behind me nearly pass out in shock. I had no idea she was there, or her me. Luckily we both found it rater funny (once she'd stopped shaking)!

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