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Thread: Quality lefty factory rifle - any factory rifle better than a Sauer 202 Synchro XT

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    Quality lefty factory rifle - any factory rifle better than a Sauer 202 Synchro XT

    Apologies if done to death.

    I am limited to a single 270 deer rifle. Cannot justify the cost of a custom, but not overly keen on the T3 Lite, despite excellent value for money and reviews.

    As a lefty looking for a left handed thumbhole stock with a left handed bolt, the options are extremely limited.

    Is there a better left handed 270 rifle than the Sauer for the money (I appreciate T3 is probably far better value but there is something about the stock and action I did not like after handling a Sauer 101)

    Many thanks

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    There's a lefty tikka M65 with a very tidy wood stock in Grahams, Inverness. Barrel looked a bit rough but it is only 395, so you could get rebarreled? I've got a lefty t3 lite stainless synthetic if you wanted a 2nd look/try - it's very accurate with super smooth action, but can appreciate it if you just don't like them. Cheers, Rory

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    They've got a sako 85 and Mauser 2000 in left hand - well worth a look.

    They're meant to be a good dealer.

    Here's the link to the tikka mentioned earlier:

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    I am also a lefty and was faced with the same problem albeit I wanted a synthetic stock which resulted in the purchase of a T3. The Tikka is a good functional piece of kit but I still prefer the look/feel of the Sako. I contacted gmk and they suggested that sako might​ start producing their synthetic stocks for us lefties in the future.

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    Go with a wooden stocked 202 then you get the LH palm swell which the Synthetic does not have. People get overly paranoid about wood stocked rifles in my opinion. You can always steam out scratches and refinish them when the time comes. Yes they are known to warp but unless you are off to Alaska or a rainforest not so much of an issue. I own a couple of 202's and a T3 lite stainless all LH the Tikka shoots just as well as the Sauer but yes does not have the feel of a Sauer. Contact Steve at Ivythorn and egg him to find you a nice SH 202.

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    It depends what constitutes "better" for you. I have heard the 202 critisised for being "heavy". I expect I could happily live with one though.

    What about a new Remington 700 with a Boyds LH thumbhole? You'd be money in on Sauer, you'd have a spare stock, and a rifle you could upgrade for any future desire or whim.

    Yes are options as lefties are limited, but a little imagination can go a long way!

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    No is the simple answer, you'll struggle to find anything that tops the Sauer, that's the reason they are a top end production rifle, if all you base the decision on is accuracy though then you will get something that's just as accurate as any other rifle for half the price of a T3 even!

    My opinion is there are plenty of good rifles (its pretty rare to find any rifle that is inaccurate) but as a nice object to own there is so much more to a rifle and the Sauer has the accuracy, ergonomics, engineering prowess and the reputation.

    And my opinion is based on owning both a Tikka and Sauer at the moment - the Tikka is great but not in the same league as the Sauer.



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    Do Blaser do a thumbhole in left handed as well?

    Truth is you'll not get a nicer rifle that will shoot any better than the sauer, especially if you go the custom route, but the Blaser might be worth looking at as well.
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    Thanks Gents.

    I generally positive response which is as good as could be hoped for on the SD

    I have been in touch with Ivythorn. I guess if Sauer are a little heavy that is not necessarily a bad thing for a 270, plus I am fairly weighty myself. There is apparently a 202 Supreme for the UK market which has a fluted barrel and wooden stock for less money than the Synchro (2500 for supreme and 2800 for synchro xt).

    Blaser do an R8 Professional Success, which is a synthetic thumbhole. Looks like another 1k more than the Sauers.

    Will have a drive to Mcleod's and see what they have once I get back home from work


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    If you like the 202 , but can't find lh , why not think about a grs stock , they are a great addition to any 202 , hope this is of intrest , atb in your search Brian

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