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Thread: Harkila Boots

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    Harkila Boots

    Hi there, I purchased a pair of Harkila Big game hunters about 28 months ago now, first pair lasted 10 months and leaked so a replacement pair was sent, 18 months later and the leather is all cracked (Nubuck) the sole is coming off and the UK Head office after talking to sweden is not prepared to do anything about them. Apparently and based on some photo's I sent they believe I have not looked after them - which is not true as I often rinse the mud off and actually give them a feed from time to time with a leather product.
    You would think that paying in excess of £150 for a pair or boots that basically are used for walking the dog and a bit of shooting and stalking they would last longer.
    Can any recommend a good pair of comfortable, waterproof and warm boots that will hopefully last a good few years.

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    For what you are using them for get a pair of army surplus, take lots of abuse just thow some polish on them occasionaly last for years and will cost about £25 on ebay

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    Speak to The Sportsman Gun Centre, they may have a whole pile of information/ammunition that you could use to presurise Harlika with. Your not the first!

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    thats interesting. i ordered a harkila backpack which arrived today. it was missing a zip! maybe somebody needs a word with the factory in china.

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    My advice would be to stay away from boots made from someone who make hunting clothes and then later has begun to make boots. I personally think Härkila should stay at what they're good at (clothes) and let others make the boots.

    I would look for companies who only focus on boots and shoes and nothing else. What comes to my mind is Chiruca, Meindl, Viking and Hanwag. I personally like Chiruca as they make solid footwear and is a little bit cheaper than the others. But still have Goretex and Vibram in its boots.

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    I was given a pair of jack pycke to wear this week and I can honestly say proper comfy and for the money if they last one season I will buy another pair quiet on the tracks good boots for the money

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    What model jack pyke?

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    Only 3 boots worth buying.....meindl, meindl and meindl

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    Agree with gerard Meindl are the ticket

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    They are Hunters boots as I said only had them a week the grip is excellent kept my feet dry and as I said proper comfy

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